Marriage Registration in Thailand

Marriage Registration in Thailand is a significant milestone for couples that creates legal binding effects. This is important as it relates to visa and citizenship options and the legal rights of both parties.

It is advisable to engage a Thai law firm to assist with the process. This will ensure that all the correct documentation is provided.

Documents Required

In order to get married in Thailand a couple will need the following documents. These documents differ slightly depending on whether the person is a foreigner or a Thai citizen.

The foreigner will need to obtain an affirmation of freedom to marry from their local embassy (document #1). The document needs to be translated into Thai and then authenticated. Some embassies will also require the original divorce certificate or death certificate if the person has been previously married.

Depending on the embassy the foreigner will then need to take their document #1 along with an authenticated translation to their local registration office. The office is called a ‘khet’ in Bangkok but outside of the city it will be an ‘amphur’.

The registration process takes 10 – 30 days to complete. Once complete the marriage will then be registered and a official marriage registration certificate will be issued. The couple can then carry out their marriage ceremony.

Age Requirements

The minimum age for marriage in Thailand is 18 years. However, under state or customary law, girls younger than 18 can marry with parental consent or approval from a pertinent authority.

In the case of Muslim children, marriage is only allowed when the parents give their consent and after a committee examines whether the marriage is suitable for that child. The measure is meant to prevent the sexual abuse of girls, but the country still has problems with underage marriage.

In the past, girls as young as 11 married at the whim of their perpetrators in four southern provinces where Islamic family law is observed. The committee urged the government to raise the minimum age of marriage for both boys and girls and take action against the practice. It also urged the country to promote prenuptial agreements for foreign nationals, and ensure that they are recognized as legal in both their home countries and Thailand.

Visa Requirements

A foreigner seeking to marry a Thai citizen must have a valid passport and proof of residence in Thailand. The couple must also be of marriageable age in accordance with the laws of their country and have a betrothal ceremony, which is similar to a prenuptial agreement.

The couple must appear in person at the local district office (Amphur) to register the marriage. The process may take several days. The Amphur must check all the required documents, including a notarized statement declaring that each party is free to marry and certified copies of any previous marriages or divorces.

The originals of all the documents must be translated into Thai. After they are verified, the translation and the copies of both parties’ passports must be taken to the Legalization Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. The signatures of consular officials on the document will be authenticated, which normally takes two days. After that, the couple can go to any district office called Amphur or Khet in Thailand and submit all the documents for registration of marriage.


While a marriage ceremony itself is important, it’s the registration that’s really necessary to guarantee legal rights and avoid complications down the line. It’s best to let a professional handle the process to make sure all documents are valid and meet Thai requirements.

For foreigners to marry in Thailand, they must first get an official affirmation of freedom to do so from their embassy (each country’s embassies have different requirements). The document must then be translated and certified by the embassy before being presented at a district office for filing.

Once all paperwork is prepared, the couple can then go to a district office (known as an amphur or khet outside of Bangkok) to register their marriage. They should allow a few days to complete the process in order to give themselves enough time to explore the city and its many attractions. In addition, allowing extra time for the process can also help to avoid stress and provide more time to check over the paperwork for any errors that may arise.

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